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Penny Machine Prices
The price of the machines vary greatly based on the type of cabinet and number of engravings that you want (usually 4).

​Most of our customers earn enough for the machine to pay for itself in the first 18 months.    Call us or fill out the form for a customized price quote for your location.  

Before you buy anyone's machine, please check out the buyers guide.

The penny machine engravings will be made to feature your location, and the penny machines will be delivered to you at no cost. The revenues from the penny machines will be split between Global Impressions and your location. The split will be based on the size of your location and gate. You will be responsible for retrieving the cash from the machines, reading the counter meter, and sending us our portion of the revenues. A front gate volume of 250,000 people annually is required to qualify for this option.
Split Revenue Plan
Purchase Plan
You may purchase our penny press machine (coin press) outright or you may take advantage of our convenient payment plan. All of our machines come with a 2 year unconditional warranty on all penny machine parts from breakage or major malfunction. Our machines are not the least expensive in the market, but they are definitely the most reliable. We have a pin drop to insure a perfect engraving each and every time! No more misprints. Unlike other machines whose handles lock in all positions, our handle always falls to the down position. We also have a resistor on our handle so that our crank will not spin rapidly, but is still easy enough for a small child to operate.  

It is a mission of ours to remain open, transparent, and flexible with our customers. If needed, we can offer financing to distribute the cost of the machine over time. We can negotiate to find the perfect option for your location!
Financing Options